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Commercial Energy Conservation

Many companies, factories and warehouses today are utilizing old technology lighting in order to illuminate the warehouse or work environment. Factories are primarily using HID Lighting, which consumes 460 watts of energy per fixture.

Energy Conservation’s main goal is to reduce electrical demand while increasing ambient light levels. Demand is the maximum amount of energy that a company requires to run their equipment/ machines/lighting/air conditioning etc. By reducing demand the kilowatt-hour charges are significantly reduced saving energy and money! Why not to utilize Energy Conservation Products?

By reducing demand, the environmental impacts will be pollution reduction and natural resource savings. These projects have cut the production of harmful emissions and reduced the amount of natural resources used in the production of the electricity saves. According to the Environmental Protection Agency each kilowatt-hour usage of lighting translates to the production of approximately 1.6 pounds of carbon dioxide, 5.3 grams of sulfur dioxide and 2.8 grams of nitrous oxide.

Each Commercial Energy Conservation Project has different fixture spacing, heights and foot-candle requirements. If the factories have air conditioning, there will be additional energy saved, because the arc tube of the metal halide fixture (HID) can be as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The fluorescent high bay fixture lamps run at 95 degrees Fahrenheit with this temperature reduction, the energy can be reduced by approximately 1 ton per 2200 watts of energy saved.

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